Dynamic Development of Country’s Economy Continues in 2017

Dynamic development of the country's economy continues in 2017. During the past two months, Turkmenistan preserved the GDP growth dynamics, which equaled to 6.2 per cent in January-February. The increase amounted to 7.8 per cent in agriculture; to 16.9 per cent in trade; to 14.2 in transport and communication; and to 10.3 per cent in the services sector.

Construction of projects totaling over US$ 48 billion continues; the majority of them are social facilities. Works worth US$17 billion are carried out by local construction enterprises, which is 20 per cent more compared to the previous year, the head of state noted with satisfaction.

In the two months, the retail sales grew by 17.1 percent as opposed to the same period in 2016. Wages at large and medium-size enterprises increased by 9.6 per cent. State budget revenues equaled to 2.8 billion manats, while the expenditures amounted to 2.7 billion manats.

Construction of industrial, social and cultural facilities is underway. The volume of implemented investments under all funding sources equaled to 3.9 billion manats.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH