E-learning as a new conceptual direction of national education is formed

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov requested appointed Vice-premier S. Toyliyev, who supervises science and education, to develop the concept of digital education system of the country.

During the session of the Government, the Head of the State named improvement of national science and education, in particular the training of highly professional personnel, new generation of scientists as well as development of international cooperation in this sphere, as one of the priorities of Turkmenistan policy.

Following these tasks, it is necessary to develop electronic education environment, - the head of the State highlighted, having outlined main objectives in this field.

Thus, improvement of education programme using digital resources as e-books, seminars and other information technologies as well as other relative methods like distant learning is necessary at all stages of education.

There are 1852 secondary comprehensive schools in the country as for beginning of 216/2017 education year. 66.7 percent of the schools are in the rural areas. 82 percent of the total amount of schools are provided with multimedia equipment and computer technologies. On September 1 of each year, first grade formers of Turkmenistan receive new netbooks on behalf of the President of the country.

There are also 17 boarding schools for the children with limited health capabilities in the country as well as 92 musical and arts schools. Secondary professional schools are represented by 42 education facilities. 2269 computers were supplied to professional schools in 2016.

There are 24 high educational institutions in Turkmenistan. New Oguzkhan University of Engineering Technologies where all classes are in English and Japan languages was opened on September 1, 2016. Number of personal computers used in educational process of high education facilities is 6600 units.

31 percent of the total volume of expenses used for social services from the State budget of Turkmenistan were spent for education in 2016.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper