Ecology and business: entrepreneurs set production of building materials from secondary raw materials

The individual enterprise "Dana Dunya", located in the administrative center of Lebap region, is expanding the production of building materials from recycled materials. The entrepreneurs have mastered the production of several types of products from plastic, tires and other used in construction: two types of composite paving slabs, building blocks on a polymer-sand base, facade tiles and roofing material. In addition, the company recycles used tires, from the recycled rubber crumb by the method of thermo-pressing make covers for children's play, and sports grounds.

The main components for the production of paving slabs and building blocks are sand base, binder polymer, dyes and additives. After the treatment with high pressure, the service life of such material reaches more than one hundred years. High consumer properties - strength, high resistance to abrasion and chips, to temperature extremes and chemically aggressive reagents provided the products with high demand in the construction market of the country. A distinctive feature of building blocks from recyclables is special locks, which provide adhesion in the masonry without the use of cement mortars. Such blocks can also be used in load-bearing structures.

Dozens of tons of the paving slabs produced by the IE Dana Dunya are exported to neighboring countries. The entrepreneurs also successfully master the production of roofing material - thermoplastic composite tiles. The technology of its production consists in combining molten polymer and dried sand. Correctly selected composition guarantees high quality of the coating. Light, practical, aesthetic and inexpensive polymer-sand tiles in demand in the construction market. The Turkmenbat citizens also mastered the production of facade tiles from the polymer-sand mix. In addition, the company ordered equipment for the production of "speed bumps" designed to reduce the speed of vehicles in hazardous areas.

Entrepreneurs plan to produce from their composite polymer-rubber material of their own design, patented both in Turkmenistan and in the countries of the Eurasian Patent Community, sleepers and rail pads.

The head of the enterprise Eldar Rizayev noted, the team plans to master the mechanical and physicochemical methods for processing polyethylene terephthalate used in the production of plastic bottles, packages and other products that are not yet practically utilized.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper