Economic society “Aydin Gijler” masters new type of product

The production of LED ceiling lights started the Economic Society "Aydin Gijeler." The new products of the company are intended both for residential premises and for production workshops. At the first stage, lamps with dimensions of 30x30.30x40.60x60 centimeters were put into production.

The enterprise is one of the first established in the framework of the State program aimed at creating a competitive, equipped with high technologies, resource and energy saving, electronic and electrical engineering industry.

Aydin Gijler has mastered the production of LED lamps for domestic and industrial premises, as well as products used in street lamps. Every day several thousand luminaires with a power of 3 to 24 watts come off the assembly line, which corresponds to an incandescent range of 40 to 240 watts. Also launched a workshop for the assembly of children's educational computers. The company has eleven thermoplastic automata, which are used to make computer cases and lamp bulbs.

The batch of ceiling LED lights will go to the distribution network at the beginning of next month.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper