Efficient marketing strategy leads to considerable increment of internet users in the country

According to the Ministry of communication, the number of internet users in Turkmenistan is constantly growing. Their number increased 1.2 times for the period from October 5 to December 31, 2017 and the incomes for the network service increased on 2 million manats. It was achieved by wise marketing actions of national internet providers and reduction of the prices on 35 percent in average.

Large work on formation of relative infrastructure is carried out in the country for the solution of the assignments set by the Head of the State. The specialists of the branch realize large projects aimed at the creation of comprehensive communication system based on advanced technologies, improvement of quality and variety of communication service together with the access to the internet of the population in remote areas of the country.

Laying of fibre optic cables in the capital and in the velayats is planned for the provision of the consumers with high level of communication services. This project will allow considerably improving the exchange of the information between the departments and implementing of new types of electronic services.

At present time, the data transfer rate in Ashgabat is around 20 Gb per second in average. It is planned to increase it to 100 Gb per second in near future. In velayat centres, this figure will be 40 Gb per second, in etrap centres up to 10 Gb and 4 Gb between etrap centres and farmers associations.

Taking into account growing requirements of the population, national operator Altyn Asyr is starting the provision of the main types of cellular communication including 3G and 4G as well as 5G in near future. Realization of this project will allow full coverage of the country with the communication.

Internet and mobile banking services are also actively implemented. It will allow non-cash payments in the country and abroad making trade and monetary relations easier and providing its safety.

Considering modern world trends, number of educational institution with the access to the world web is growing in our country. The provision of these facilities with computers and multimedia technologies allows conducting the lessons using advanced educational methods and their access to the internet opens wide opportunities for organization of learning process and training of the specialists according to the requirements of international standards.

It is worth reminding that in September 2017, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved the Concept of Development of E-Learning System of Turkmenistan under which it is planned to open the Centre of Innovative Information. The specialists of the Centre will have the objectives for comprehensive development of the method of electronic education including digital manuals, learning aids, video and audio materials, interactive and multimedia software, etc.

Globalization of market space and application of information technologies are based on use of the information as the main strategic resource, the Head of the State notes. Digital computer systems included in network infrastructure is important factor of progress of the society and the way to improve the efficiency of different branches of national economy. In this regard, information market, which operation will make considerable effect on the development of other branches and macroeconomic processes in general, is to become one of the main sectors of Turkmenistan economy.

According to the prognosis of the experts, more than 100 billion units of various equipment, from mobile devices to medical instruments, scientific equipment, production machines, transportation means will be connected to internet by 2045. Total informatization and internetization will result in fundamental changes in our life and work.

Taking into account growing role of the world web, Turkmen information and communication technologies specialists developed scientifically based strategy of use of advanced technology taking the course toward innovative development, which allows increasing the number of internet users every year, implementing information systems to all spheres of life of our state and society.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan