Electricity supply disruptions to Kyrgyzstan from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

On November 16, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan suspended electricity supplies to Kyrgyzstan. This was reported by Kaktus media with reference to Radio Azattyk.

“ There was an accident on the line in Uzbekistan , after a dust storm, repair work is underway at thermal stations. The transit is suspended. Electricity has been imported from Turkmenistan since August 1, but at the moment there are temporary difficulties due to accidents, within a couple of days the issue will be resolved, ”said Kyrgyz Energy Minister Doskul Bekmurzaev in an interview with radio.

According to the newspaper "Meteozhurnal" November 4, used for most of the territory of Uzbekistan has covered the strongest in 150 years of observations dusty sandstorm. As a result, visibility in a number of regions decreased to 500-1000 meters, and the dust content in the air exceeded the norm by five times.

The storm also affected the northern and northeastern regions of Turkmenistan.

In a comment to the Sputnik news agency, Deputy Energy Minister Taalaibek Ibraev said that the work of substations in Uzbekistan has become more complicated due to a powerful dust storm, and an emergency situation has arisen in the energy sector of Turkmenistan.

“Due to the risk of damage to electrical wires, Uzbekistan has temporarily stopped the transit of electricity from Turkmenistan. This country is also carrying out repair work at its substations. If everything goes according to plan, electricity supplies will resume tomorrow, November 17, ”Ibraev said.

On November 17, an entry was posted on the official Facebook page of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Energy that imports of electricity had been restored, and the disruption was caused by an accident on the lines in Turkmenistan .

As noted in Kaktus media, this message was later deleted. The press service of the department explained that "unspecified information" went to social networks.

On whose territory the technical problems arose is still unclear.

Earlier, due to accidents, Turkmenistan several times suspended electricity supplies to Uzbekistan that began in December 2019.

Turkmenistan has been exporting electricity to Kyrgyzstan in transit through Uzbekistan since August 2021. It is planned that by December the Turkmen side will supply 501.9 million kWh at a price of 2.05 soms / kWh or $ 0.02422. According to the expert's calculations , Turkmenistan receives $ 0.02 per kWh, and the remaining $ 0.00422 is paid to Uzbekistan for transit.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan