Employees of muftiate, former trade minister and director of TKNPZ arrested for corruption in Turkmenistan

Attorney General Batyr Atdaev reported to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the results of inspections conducted in various structures.

According to the state news agency TDH , among the corrupt were those who, while working in mosques, took bribes from those who went for hajj to Saudi Arabia. Read more about the topic of bribery among those who go on a pilgrimage in the material Chronicles of Turkmenistan Hajj for a bribe.

The leading specialist of the administration, Muftiya Rovshen Allaberdiev, the chief specialist of the department of personnel of the administration, Muhammetmyrat Gurbangeldiev, and the leading specialist of the department for work with religious organizations under the Cabinet of Ministers, Gurbanberdi Nursahedov, abused their duties.

In this regard, the President instructed the Mufti Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out appropriate work among religious figures, and in the future to organize a trip not of 160, but already 380 pilgrims to perform the Hajj , and flights for other comers.

Then information was heard about the entrepreneur Chary Kulov , who performed the duties of managing commercial organizations and created a criminal community. Together with the acting head of the exchange trading organization department of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange B. Aydogdyev, general director of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries ( TKNPZ ) Yazmyrat Muhammetmyradov, they agreed on the theft and embezzlement of state property in especially large amounts.

Kulov was also involved in the sale of various building materials, owned the capital's Suw peri cafe, without the permission of the Ministry of Commerce, did not pay taxes, and also intended to smuggle out a large amount of money in foreign currency. In May of this year, he bought the three-story Dostluk Shopping Center, on the balance sheet of the Altyn zamana state enterprise of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, in the name of his brother D. Kulov, with the condition of full settlement within three years, changed the internal structure, supporting structures , caused great harm to the state.

Mukhammetmyradov, the general director of TKNPZ, in collusion with the working head of the textile industry department of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Begelov, received a bribe for assisting foreign companies in purchasing jet fuel.

B. Aidogdyev, who served as the head of the exchange trading organization department of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, took bribes at the conducted exchange trading for assisting in the procurement of oil and gas products.

The former Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, Amandurdy Ishanov , abusing his official powers, arranged for relatives and acquaintances to various senior positions of the ministry, assisted with the help of long-term loans to purchase superior apartments intended for exchange employees.

In addition, during his tenure as chairman of the exchange, Ishanov at the conducted exchange trading, at the request of Chary Kulov, provided assistance to some companies registered abroad in purchasing oil products at low prices. He also assisted in leasing to Kulov the restaurant BAs yyldyz of the state enterprise Milli sAlwda merkezi.

The Prosecutor General said that all of these persons have already been convicted, their property has been seized. In connection with the illegal sale at low prices of oil products produced at the TKNPZ and the Turkmenchemistry State Concern, foreign currency funds transferred by foreign companies were seized.

Recall that the director of TKNPZ Yazmyrat Muhammetmyradov was fired by the president on September 2 "for serious shortcomings in the work." September 4 with a similar wording was deprived of the post of Minister Amandurdi Ishanov.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan