Enrolment campaign 2017: New opportunities, close prospects

Acceptance of the documents from potential first grade students of secondary and high professional educational institutions of our country is ongoing. According to the tradition, the beginning of 2017 � 2018 educational year will be marked by the opening of new university. The Institute of Communal Management will open its doors for the first students in Abadan etrap of the capital. The institute will train qualified specialists for this highly required sphere. As for today, the works for beautification of the territory and equipping of the classrooms and auxiliary facilities are carried out.

While the Institute of Communal Management is prepared for the opening, the acceptance of the documents of its students is organized at Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute. Entry exams for future first grade students will also take place there.

There will be seven orientation providing professional training for 24 specialities in the Institute of Communal Management. For example, there are four specialities at the faculty of construction and architecture: expertise and real estate management, construction, exploitation and technical service of automobile roads, bridges and tunnels, heat, gas and ventilation supply, water supply, water drain and protection of water resources.

There are two specialities at faculties of economy and management at enterprises (economy and management, accounting and audit � both specialities are oriented to communal management) and computer technologies (informational systems and technologies, engineering networks and systems).

There is one speciality in the structure of technological equipment and machines (lifting, transport, construction, road machines and equipment), energy (power supply), design (design of architectural environment), living and social safety, environmental engineering and natural protection (technosphere safety) faculties.

Apart from the above-mentioned twelve specializations, from which the Institute of Communal Services starts its history, Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication offers four new specialities for the students. Acceptance of the documents for the following directions of professional training is organized there for the first time. These are organization of traffic and management at air transport, exploitation of loading equipment of ports and transport terminals, information communication technologies and informational security of telecommunication systems.

Generally, the acceptance of the documents to high educational institutions of the country will last until the end of July. The baton of entry exams will be completed by the art universities � Turkmen State Institute of Culture, Turkmen National Conservatory and State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.

Our country has ramified network of professional educational institutions located not only in the capital but also in the regions. There are branches and separate high educational institutions in the velayats like S. Seydi Turkmen State Pedagogic Institute (Turkmenabat), State Energy Institute (Mary), Turkmen Agricultural Institute (Dashoguz).

All regions have secondary professional educational institutions. They have their own schedule of acceptance of the documents and entry exams.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper