Entrepreneurs are expanding the market for school goods

The key priorities of the economic strategy of Turkmenistan, such as the development of entrepreneurship, digitalization and import substitution, are being implemented in all areas, including in the trade in school goods. Turkmen entrepreneurs are striving to increase their contribution to the range of such goods - from school uniforms and shoes to a wide range of stationery that can compete with imported counterparts.

For example, ballpoint pens, which are necessary for every schoolchild, are produced by Eziz Erkin, a diversified economic enterprise, which has also mastered the production of stationery files, adhesive tape and 4 A paper. Pens are also produced by other private companies that seek to diversify and make their products attractive. Thus, buyers can purchase a ballpoint pen "Rowaç" with or without a refill, ballpoint pens with round, hexagonal and triangular bodies of the "Nusga" trademark, which are produced by the ES "Gündogar söhlesi".

ES "Gündogar söhlesi" also launched the production of special sets - Student Pack and Business Pack, which include ten pens of different colors and shapes, packed in convenient plastic bags. The volumes of manufactured products and their quality make it possible to meet the needs of the domestic market and send part of the goods for export.

In line with the general trend of digitalization of the trade sphere, various goods for the school are offered by online stores in Turkmenistan. One of the largest online stores of office stationery, books, supplies for school and creativity, souvenirs and gifts Galam.tm for the new school year is holding an online school market with a wide selection of school supplies at affordable prices with home delivery.

Payment for the purchased goods is carried out in any convenient way: in cash to the courier, by card or online. Many Turkmen citizens are also familiar with the electronic store of school and office stationery Okuwçy, where you can find everything you need for school. The number of such stores offering customer-friendly services in the purchase and delivery of school supplies is increasing every year thanks to private entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan, who are actively developing this trade segment.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper