Entrepreneurs are expanding the production of building materials

Increasing production of a wide range of import substituting goods, strengthening the country's export potential - this task posed by the head of state is successfully solved by private sector enterprises. By 2020, representatives of the Turkmen business community will provide 70 percent of the gross domestic product.

In the structure of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, the number of enterprises for the production of various types of building materials has increased significantly: concrete and aerated concrete blocks, a wide range of high-quality finishing materials, electrical products, pipe and other products.

An individual enterprise "Sabur Timur Tashev" is one of the largest suppliers of dry building mixtures based on gypsum binders, as well as gypsum cardboard, which has been working for 10 years in this segment of the construction industry. The enterprise, located in the district of Koytendag of Lebap region, uses as raw materials the natural resources of the richest region. From gypsum from Koytendag deposits, up to 60 thousand tons of high-quality mixtures are annually produced here - plaster for soil and finishing of premises.

Last year, due to the installation of a new automated line for the production of gypsum board with a capacity of two million gypsum cardboard sheets per year, FE "CTT" significantly increased the output of demanded products. The company has two laboratories to check the quality of products. One of them, which controls the production of dry construction mixtures, is certified.

On the territory of the enterprise there is a production of reinforced concrete products: beams, floors of buildings, internal partitions. Entrepreneurs provide the demand for high-quality and inexpensive products not only for the needs of their region, but also for other regions.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper