Ex-Opposition Chief Moon Signals Grave Decision Amid Choi Scandal

Former Chairman of the main opposition Democratic Party Moon Jae-in says he may have to make a grave decision if finding a political resolution to the current crisis over the Choi Soon-sil scandal seems impossible.

Moon made the remarks on Wednesday, when asked how he will deal with the situation after the opposition camp's proposal of forming a neutral Cabinet was rejected.

Moon said that President Park's surprise Cabinet reshuffle earlier in the day, runs against public sentiment and added that she should be blamed more for lying about her acts than her crimes.

The former coleader of the People's Party, Ahn Cheol-soo, held a news conference calling for Park's immediate resignation. Ahn said the president exercised her appointment right without a sincere apology to the people, which is an insult to their legitimate calls.

He blasted the Cabinet reshuffle as a violent act that ridicules those who are calling for truth and justice.

Source: KBS World Radio