Exhibition and conference on Akhal-Teke horses begin in Ashgabat

An international exhibition and the XI International Scientific Conference "Turkmen Horses and the World Art of Horse Breeding" were held in Ashgabat in celebration of the national holiday � Day of Turkmen Horse.

This year, the thematic exhibition and scientific conference brought together representatives of 50 leading companies from more than 20 countries, such as Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Uruguay, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Turkey, Canada, France, Iran, China, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, UAE, Pakistan, India and others.

Turkmenistan's ministries, departments and entrepreneurs set up colorful stands at the exhibition. Foreign guests representing national equestrian associations and clubs also demonstrated their achievements. Specialized construction companies, manufacturers of equipment and products for horse breeding, training institutions and sports organizations, veterinary clinics, advertising agencies, art shops and photo studios presented their capacities at the exhibition.

A great number of pavilions featured the veterinary medicine, including special medical equipment, a wide range of medical products and services for treatment and rehabilitation of horses.

Foreign exhibitors demonstrated high achievements in manufacturing equestrian sport equipment, clothing and accessories for riders, as well as video equipment to monitor stables.

The XI International Scientific Conference "Turkmen Horses and World Art of Horse Breeding" took place in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan in the afternoon. It saw the participation of more than 160 famous Turkmen and foreign hippologists, horse breeders, historians, ethnographers and other specialists.

Speaking at the plenary sessions, the conference participants noted that Akhal-Teke is not only a gift of nature but also a product of the Turkmen people's art of breeding. They also noted the importance of the forum as a platform for exchange of experiences in the field of horse breeding, new scientific research and discoveries in this field.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru