Exhibition and congress activity stimulates investment activity in the fuel and energy sector

Video-selector meeting with representatives of the head corps, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the importance of international-level business sector forums that are regularly held in our country. The head of state has repeatedly noted the great importance of exhibition and congress activities to enhance the prestige of Turkmenistan in the world community, popularize successes and achievements in national development, promote domestic goods on foreign markets and increase export potential.

Such events are also of interest from the point of view of sharing experience, attracting investments and new technologies, useful ideas, and establishing direct business contacts. Therefore, the quality organization of such forums, including their substantive program, negotiations and consultations aimed at the conclusion of promising deals and the implementation of joint projects is important.

At the same time, the holding of industry reviews, scientific and practical conferences on topical issues of development of a particular industry, bilateral and multi-format business forums gives an opportunity to discuss, at a professional, collegial and expert level, the most burning topics, new trends in the global market, analyze its conjuncture , current and projected demand. This allows you to more flexibly adjust your tactics and strategy in terms of increasing production and sales, building advertising campaigns.

Indicative in this regard can serve as business events organized in our country through the fuel and energy complex. Such authoritative discussion platforms are the Gas Congress of Turkmenistan and the International Exhibition and Conference "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan" (OGT), which annually gather in representative delegations of foreign government circles, top managers of large specialized companies and transnational holdings, the academic and research community, academic and financial institutions.

Thus, in May 2018, the IX International Gas Congress was held in Avaza, during which new vectors for the development of interstate cooperation in the gas sector were outlined, and plans for cooperation in the near future in the area of diversification of energy supplies, national and regional gas transportation infrastructure were coordinated. etc.

The high interest in the Congress is largely due to the fact that today the proportion of blue fuel in the structure of global hydrocarbon consumption is steadily increasing, so the desire of the leading companies of the planet to establish close cooperation with our country in the gas industry is quite natural. Moreover, modern Turkmenistan has confidently declared itself as one of the most promising partners among the largest energy suppliers to international markets.

It is noteworthy that every year an increasing number of domestic private enterprises, expanding the geography of their activities in the region, participate in this forum as sponsors.

The delegates of the IX Gas Congress of Turkmenistan were representatives of the European Union, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the CIS countries and other countries. From the Turkmen side, direct participation in the forum of members of the government, heads of sectoral state-owned concerns and research centers enhances the information status of the event, which announces the latest data and information, which is called first-hand, provides analytical reviews and announces the following steps on development of the gas industry in our country.

Foreign participants of the Gas Congress of Turkmenistan-2018 received reliable information in all areas of sectoral development - from geological exploration, drilling, production, transportation and storage to the processing of energy and the expansion of production infrastructure.

The key topic on the agenda of the forum was the Turkmen initiative to diversify energy supplies abroad for the sustainable development of the countries. In this aspect, special emphasis was placed on the strategic importance for the region of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.

Recall that in February 2018, the construction of the Afghan section of the TAPI gas pipeline was launched in the Serhetabat etrap of the Mary velayat with the participation of the President of Turkmenistan, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the State Minister for Foreign Affairs of India.

In the near future, the first pipeline joints will also be welded in the Pakistani segment of the project, and preparatory procedures are being carried out in India.

Of course, relevant work is being carried out at all levels, primarily at the government and diplomatic levels, but the role of international business forums that create a wide information field for promoting this mega-project, including in foreign media, cannot be denied.

Reports of the development of the gas processing industry of Turkmenistan, presented at the forum in Avaza, in particular, on the creation of the largest gas chemical cluster in the Caspian region, caused much attention of the news agencies of many countries. It includes the plant in Garabogaz for processing of natural gas and carbamide production, as well as the gas chemical complex in the village of Kiyanly. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the grand opening of both industrial giants.

Nearby it is planned to build another similar complex for the production of polypropylene, linear low-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and liquid chlorine.

In Ovadandepe Akhal velayat, a plant for the production of high-quality gasoline from natural gas is being prepared for commissioning. Among the new investment projects is the reconstruction of a natural gas processing plant and a reduced gas production at the Bagadzh deposit in Lebap velayat. On its basis it is planned to build a gas-chemical complex with a capacity of 80 thousand tons of styrene-butadiene rubber and 45 thousand tons of polystyrene per year.

The possibility of building a plant for the processing of ethane and the production of polyvinyl acetate with a capacity of 55 thousand tons of products per year at the fields of the Central Kara Kum located near the Yylanly gas compressor plant in Dashoguz province is being studied.

At the same time, preliminary discussions with interested oil and gas companies on attracting foreign direct investment for long-term projects in the field of exploration and production, and complex processing of hydrocarbon resources are held at the sites of international forums.

Implementing these projects, Turkmenistan not only strengthens its position in the global energy market as the largest supplier of energy carriers, but also qualitatively changes the nature of its presence on it due to the diversification of the energy export commodity structure, active development of new forms of international energy business.

Representatives of the world's leading companies are confident in the great prospects of a mutually beneficial partnership with Turkmenistan and its significant role in ensuring global energy security.

Since the IX International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan took place on the Caspian coast a few weeks after the opening of the International Sea Port in the city of Turkmenbashi, special attention was paid to the possibilities of cooperation in the field of sea shipments to the world markets of Turkmen petrochemical products.

Erected in one of the most dynamically developing regions of the country, where the foundation of the modern gas chemical industry is laid, the International Sea Port in the city of Turkmenbashi is able to realize the country's huge potential in exporting fuel and energy products to world markets. And the activity in the field of measures to stimulate attention to the logistical, resource and production capabilities of Turkmenistan is of particular importance in conditions of high competition and market saturation.

Participation in international exhibitions and fairs is one of the marketing communications, which allows not only to establish contacts and promote products and services, but also to get acquainted with the latest achievements in the respective industries and the results of scientific progress.

The innovation policy in the fuel and energy sector of our country is largely determined by the introduction of new technologies for the extraction and processing of hydrocarbons. In this aspect, the traditional exhibition Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan is organized, within the framework of which the conference of the same name is held. It is here that there are global manufacturers of equipment and production technologies for the industry, professionals who influence decision making.

In November of this year, the forum was held for the 23rd time, gathering in Ashgabat prominent scientists and experts, representatives of government structures and reputable organizations, leading foreign fuel and energy companies and specialized agencies. The huge attention of foreign businessmen to this event is due to the open energy policy of our state, constructive international initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, aimed at ensuring global energy security and unanimously supported by the world community.

The Expocenter of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan placed about 50 companies from more than 30 countries, as well as subdivisions of the domestic fuel and energy complex, which presented products and services in the field of extraction and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials, deep drilling, offshore exploration and construction of coastal infrastructure necessary for the implementation of projects in the Caspian, modernization of existing and construction of new pipelines, etc.

A significant place in the exhibition was devoted to eco-innovations and promising developments in the field of renewable energy sources, improving environmental safety in enterprises - issues that the leader of the nation pays special attention to.

According to numerous experts, the Ashgabat industry review provides a unique opportunity for leading manufacturers from Europe, Asia and America to present advanced special equipment, establish direct trade links and solve marketing problems.

Being an effective platform for business communication between domestic and foreign experts, the Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan Forum has repeatedly become a platform for launching new projects, familiarizing with global trends and growth prospects for the industry, the priorities of the fuel and energy policy of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, as well as a topical marketing tool promoting successful business development.

As part of the exhibition, a sectoral conference was held, in which delegates from the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the CIS took part. Among them are specialists in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing plants, scientists, and others. In total, there are about 500 delegates from 200 international and governmental organizations, as well as representatives of foreign companies, the media and diplomatic missions in more than 40 countries of the world.

Reports on such a topical issue as prospects for the development of the international, regional and domestic oil and gas industry were heard and discussed, an overview analysis of trends in the markets of oil, gas and their products, hydrocarbon transportation and marketing strategies was given. The Turkmen side voiced proposals for further expansion of cooperation in the oil and gas sector.

During the conference, a discussion session was held on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project. As noted, this project is another effective step in the implementation of the energy strategy of Turkmenistan, the key aspects of which are the modernization of the fuel and energy complex of the country, building up its potential for the future, creating a diversified system of transporting energy resources to world markets while ensuring the balance of interests of producers, transit countries and consumers.

The constructive initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov are directed towards the achievement of the goals, the relevance and relevance of which are eloquently shown by the fact of the unanimous adoption of the relevant Resolutions by the United Nations General Assembly.

Speaking from the position of equal mutually beneficial cooperation, Turkmenistan, along with maintaining established traditional ties in this strategic area, significantly expanded the geography of direct energy dialogue with foreign partners, established close contacts with leading oil and gas companies and reputable financial structures of the world.

Today in our country, proven hydrocarbon reserves amount to hundreds of millions of tons of oil and trillions of cubic meters of natural gas, which is enough to ensure that these types of raw materials for domestic consumers and for export for many years to come.

About two hundred are discovered on the territory of Turkmenistan and hundreds of oil and gas fields have been prepared for deep drilling. It is planned to study the oil and gas potential of the pre-Jurassic deposits of the central and northern regions of the country. More actively carried out the search and exploration of deep-lying and not yet fully studied areas in the south-west of our state.

The richest domestic oil and gas fields offer great opportunities for investment and mutually beneficial cooperation. Representatives of leading international companies expressed their readiness to provide the Turkmen partners with advanced, highly efficient technologies in the field of exploration and development of hard-to-reach deposits on land and in the sector of the Caspian Sea.

On the margins of the International Forum on Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2018, numerous business meetings were held between foreign businessmen and heads of Turkmen industry departments and concerns. After such meetings, a deep study of the issues on which agreements and new opportunities have been outlined begins.

Thus, the exhibition and congress activity stimulates industry development and investment policy, creates the necessary information field, helps to create conditions for attracting foreign capital for investment projects in the Turkmen fuel and energy complex, including international importance.

At the present stage of economic transformation in our country, the exhibitions, fairs, business forums and conferences themselves have become a significant segment of the market. The exhibition industry, which is closely connected with a number of domestic industries and the business sector, is developing, its material and technical base is expanding, and the level of technological services, the use of the latest equipment and software, as well as design solutions are increasing in organizing business events. In addition, guests and participants are offered specially published catalogs, pamphlets and booklets about relevant enterprises and sectors of the Turkmen economy, which provides overview and current information.

Analyzing the effectiveness of such forums, one cannot ignore the enormous influence that they have on activating business tourism, familiarizing foreign delegates with the culture of our country, traditions and modern life of the Turkmen people.