Exhibition dedicated to national holiday “Drop of Water – Grain of Gold” is opened in the Museum of Visual Arts

Topical exposition is opened by two works of Aman Amangeldiyev. The artist pictured one of the stages of construction of manmade river in his work Builders of Karakum Canal. Scorching sun painted the desert in ochre colours, which emphasize the perception of hard work of the constructors, whose faces and arms are suntanned. Another work, The Portrait of Builder of Karakum Canal continues the story about the workers. Chapped face of a man who furrowed many kilometres of the desert with his excavator looks at us from the picture. There are piles of excavated soil on the background of the portrait. There are confidence and calmness in the eyes of the character. He used to overcome climate extreme and to fulfil and exceed planned objectives, as he knows that there will be fields and blooming gardens in once deserted lands when the spring comes. Kerim Gullayev in his work The Builders of Karakum Canal showed another activity � the dredging of the canal.

The visitors dwelt at the picture of People's Artisit of Turkmenistan Baba Ovganov. It shows the group of mirabs (person in charge of water distribution) who confer before the start of the work. Visual monumentality highlights professional thoroughness of the characters and laconic palette emphasize compositional harmony.

There are several works for Mirab series by Natalya Kirillova in the exposition. There are a mirab on one of them sitting at the edge of the field near water collector. He is taking rest reading fresh news. There are thermos with tea and simple food in front of him. Patches with the first springs, which bring life-asserting message, surround him. Another canvas demonstrates drinking vessel at distant pasture, which ends is lost in far distance. There are master who distributes the water and his grandson, the young assistant, who copies everything that his granddad is doing in the centre of the picture.

Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan Niyazmurad Dovodov portrayed pump station in industrial scale feeding the settlement with water. Ascetic bleached under the sun building is nearly of the same colour as a sandy soil. Even the sky is covered with a sultry haze through which the outlines of the mountains can be discerned. However, people say if there is water, there is a life

Artist Artyk Remizanov have different approach to reveal the subject. He painted the scene from the life of the highlanders. He called his picture Mountain woman having used the topic widespread in the 19th century showing young woman with a pitcher on her shoulder. The woman in blue dress by Artyk Remizanov is as beautiful as her predecessors from the last centuries.

It is good that the subject of respect of water and work of the masters making our life better is reflected in national visual arts. The tradition of careful treatment to the water lives in genetic memory of the people, owing to who, the vast territories, which were conquered from desert, are turned into blooming oases. As hundreds years ago, we treat the drop of water as a grain of gold paying tribute to skilful work and the culture of irrigation of our ancestors.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper