Exhibition, dedicated to traditions of agriculture opened in the State museum,of Turkmenistan

Exhibition"The land of white wheat" has opened in the State museum of the State cultural center of Turkmenistan. In accordance with the Turkmen tradition, the visitors were greeted with bread and salt, invited to sachak. The guests were offered to taste the folder Turkmen churek, appetizing peshme, kulche and other national cuisine.

The acquaintance with the exposition was accompanied by the history of how the first wheat and barley were cultivated and first great from,white flour was baked. The museum hall has hosted a demonstration of exhibits, showing the deeply rooted culture of land cultivation of the Turkmen people. In our days, these traditions in combination with possibilities, granted by state of art equipment and scientific thought serve as basis for modern agriculture, making Turkmenistan a confident participant of the wheat exporting countries.

The exposition decorated by the works of folk-applied art, dedicated to the golden grain and fragrant churek. The clusters of golden grains became the main decoration of the exhibition, which displays ancient tools and historical instruments of farmers, millers, etc. So, with the help of hand, water and windmills our ancestors made flour and baked bread in tamdyrs, miniature samples of which took a prominent place in the exposition.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper