Exhibition of Durdy Bayramov’s work is dedicated to the memory of the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan

Family, relatives, friends, colleagues, students of the Academy of Arts, public and mass media representatives gathered in the Museum of Visual Arts to pay tribute to the memory of the classic of national painting, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Durdy Bayramov who would be 80 on April 14.

Large-scale exhibition of graphic and painting works of the artist expanded in several halls of the museum is timed to this date. All these works � 115 paintings and 145 graphics, are from the collection of the museum. They were handed over as a gift to the Museum in 1981.

Durdy Bayramov was light, kind and gentle man who loved people. The character of the artists had an impact on the choice of the genre in his works. Recognized portray painter left countless gallery of portrays of the contemporaries to the ancestors. Friends, artists, poets and musicians used to come to Durdy Bayramov’s studio for posing. He was a master of psychological portray organically combining the traditions of Turkmen art school, classical realism and impressionist novation in his style. It was not enough for him just to achieve the similarity; he tried to reveal the tones of mood, features and richness of inner self of the character.

Let’s take two portrays of the writer Berdynazar Hudaynazarov and poet Chary Ashyrov. The emotional connection is traced even though the appearance of two characters is different. And we know why. The poet and prose writer are similar professions and the activity of the individual leave the trace on his appearance. So, we see the faces of the characters on the portrays who generates literature ideas.

The portray of cheerful Lenochka, an employee of Turkmenistan Artists Association, is placed between other two portrays and balance philosophic mood of the writers. Her cunning glance, flirty cap and large checker scarf highlight the image of young woman full of life and positive emotions. Looking around the gallery of bright personalities, one can find out an interesting similarity. Full size portray of People’s Artist of

Turkmenistan Nury Halmamedov is exhibited on one of the halls. Genius composer is pictured in dark colours with black predomination as defiant natural element, as strong hurricane � this is how Durdy Bayramov saw his contemporary, whose personality and talent he admired.

The portray of composer Aman Agajikov looks totally different. Durdy Bayramov pictured the author of Sona, Firuza, and Native Land operas as intelligent and charming. The appearance of the composer and his lyrical and pleasant music are undoubtedly in harmony, which was subtly noted by the artist.

In his picture Jemal and Dolls, Durdy Bayramov painted his small daughter sitting on bright Turkmen felt mat surrounded by the dolls. Jemal looks kindly at the world with her wide open father’s eyes. The artist managed to highlight genetic relations with his dear girl in the portray.

Sometimes, recognized portray artist Durdy Bayramov moved away from his favourite genre and produced beautiful easel art works. It includes such pictures as Revelation, Student Girls, Man, Break and other. In his picture Relevation, Durdy Bayramov pictured four girls involved in keen conversation. According to their anxious faces, one can see that the conversion is about the first loveon the contrary, Man picture translates the harmony with the surrounding world. Sport theme is highlighted in Break. The sportsmen and coach discuss the game tactics; one can read the commitment to win on their faces. Small series of works made after the journey to India are distinguished by the volume and dynamics of the strokes highlighting the plot originality traced in Banana Trees. Trying to comprehend the beauty of surrounding world, he interpreted bright impressions in his art enriching and developing his author’s style.

The visit of the exhibition dedicated to the memory of People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Durdy Bayramov gave us the meeting with the portray images of such famous personalities as People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Baba Annanov, conductor Hydyr Allanurov, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan fil producer Alty Karlieyv, People’s bakhshhy Sahy Jepbarov, artist Stanislav Babikov and many other.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper