Exhibition of economic achievements of the country is opened in the capital

Exhibition of economic achievements timed to the 28th anniversary of Turkmenistan Independence started its work in Turkmenistan. It was organized by the Trade and Industrial Chamber. This year, more than 70 exhibitors including dozens of companies, representatives of private entrepreneurship demonstrate their capabilities and perspective, high quality of production and variety of services.

Celebration atmosphere reigns in spacious halls, music plays, art bands perform folk dances, girls in national dress offer traditional treats to the guests.

Members of the Government, heads and deputies of National Parliament, representatives of profile ministries and departments, business circles of the country, delegates of coming People's Council and conference of Humanitarian Association of Turkmens of the World, heads of diplomatic missions of our country to foreign states, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, students and mass media took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The exposition reflects the progress of modernization and diversification of branches of national economy, which are carried out under the government programmes and innovative projects.

Dynamics of growth of the main branches of national economy is visually demonstrated in the exhibition halls of the State Concerns Turkmengaz, Turkmennebit, Turkmenhimiya, Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex, State Corporation Turkmengeologiya. These are rapidly developing infrastructure, scale of developed oil and gas deposits and fields, which are under development, existing and future routes of gas export, deposits of other natural reserves and minerals as well as power network.

Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Communication like Turkmenawtoulaglary, Turkmendemiryollary, Turkmenhowayollary, Turkmendenizderyayollary have also presented their exhibition booths.

Separate section is dedicated to road construction. Dynamics of growth of national construction industry, its visual achievements are illustrated by the expositions of profile departments as well as the biggest facilities of the industry, which produce decoration stone, cement, bricks, panels, nonore materials, pipes, fittings, decorative, painting, insulation materials, plumbing and electrical production and other.

Displays of agricultural complex reflects success of Turkmen agrarians, introduce capabilities of national agricultural complex to the guests. Production of baby food, fruit and vegetables concentrates juices, mayonnaise, icecream, canned products, fish delicacies, yoghurts, cold cuts and various confectionaries has been arranged from ecofriendly local agricultural production.

Rich variety of fruits, vegetables, cucurbitaceous crops produced in agricultural fields and hothouse farms, which received active development in the context of import substitutive strategy, are demonstrated in exhibition halls.

It also demonstrates juices and drinks, fish production, variety of dairy products and cheeses. The growth of variety of production of Turkmen beekeepers is worth to be mentioned. Different honey as well as propolis, beebread, wax, which all have healing features, are presented at the exhibition.

Copies of International Certificates indicating the recognition of the merits of our country in elimination of number of infectious diseases are at the displays of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry.

Pharmaceutical production, various instruments, services, innovative developments applied in medicine, natural cosmetics and many other are presented in wide variety.

The exposition includes production of companies dealing with growing of trees, production of fence, decorative materials. Strategy of 'green development' was initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov as one of the mechanisms of stable economic and social progress of the country. ecological concept of growth is aimed at improvement of life quality of people and environment.

Achievements of the country are reflected in specialized exhibition halls presented by profile ministries and departments, State concerns, associations, banks and Trade and Industrial Chamber, regional administrations and production facilities. Displays illustrating sports and tourism, sport industry and healthy life style attract the interest of the visitors.

Achievements of the country in humanitarian sphere including in science and education are widely represented in the exposition. Displays of the Academy of Sciences demonstrate technical developments as well as historical rarities like an artefacts, which were discovered by scientists at the excavations of ancient settlements in Turkmenistan. The Ministry of Education presented latest equipment of school classes, medals and cups won by Turkmen students in prestige intellectual contests and sport competitions.

Display of Turkmen State Publishing Service, which presented modern printing media, raised high interest. Books of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which became famous in foreign country due to publishing in different languages, attracted special attention of the visitors.

The Ministry of Textile Industry presents wide range of goods with 'Made in Turkmenistan' logo, cotton and silk yarn and fibre, various fabrics, sewing items and souvenirs.

Organizers of the exhibition have used an artistic approach to decoration of the pavilion of carpet production and national applied art. These are wonderful carpets and carpet handmade items made of natural wool as well as traditional headdress and samples of national embroidery.

Booths of the Ministry of Finances and Economics, Central and commercial banks, State Insurance Organization reflect positive impact of economic reforms in activity of trade sphere.

Private companies and firms develop local market in different directions. Their achievements were presented in the sphere of power and water supply, production of chemicals, textile and furniture.

Appearance of velayats, etraps and whitemarble capital Ashgabat significantly changes due to successful integrated programme of regional development. Exhibits presented at the review visually demonstrate unprecedented achievements in social and economic development of the country.

Source: Turkmenistan State News AgencyTDH