Exhibition of paintings dedicated to the Day of Remembrance

In the exposition hall of the State Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan on the Day of Remembrance, widely celebrated in our country, an exhibition of works by Turkmen artists dedicated to the victims of the Ashgabat earthquake and the soldiers who died on the battlefields was launched.


At the opening of the exhibition, museum staff and invited guests told visitors, among whom students of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan prevailed, about the heroic deeds of the soldiers of Turkmenistan defending the independence of our country, and about the catastrophe of the Ashgabat earthquake, which interrupted many thousands of lives of innocent people. The memory of this will forever remain in the hearts of the Turkmen people, it is passed down from generation to generation in stories heard from Ashgabat residents who were lucky enough to survive the night of 1948.


An illustration to the stories of the speakers was an exhibition of picturesque paintings, in which Turkmen artists emotionally conveyed something that is almost impossible to convey in words. This is the grief of a mother who received bitter news, and the confusion of people among collapsing buildings… To honor the blessed memory of the victims of the earthquake is the only thing that can be done for us, who live in a modernly rebuilt white marble Ashgabat, for those who rest in the ground due to the evil fate of the natural elements.


In the storerooms of the museum, the canvases of the masters of the brush, written on the theme of the Ashgabat earthquake, are carefully stored, and every year on the Day of Remembrance these paintings appear before the audience, evoking feelings of compassion…




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper