Exhibition of pictorial and decorative applied works of Turkmen female artists is opened in the Museum of Visual Arts

Thematic compilation is a well-established museum traditions giving opportunity to the visitors to the magnificence of refined creations made by talented representatives of national art.

The visitors are met by colour-rich canvas Bunch of Flowers by Lachyn Rejepova. The organizers of the exhibition intentionally did not frame the picture in order not to disturb spatial and emotional harmony. Compositional effect is enforced by placing the picture in the atrium.

Fifth-grade student of the State Academy of Arts Jeyran Umarova presented original work. She painted many girls in pink and red palette on batik. Jeyran did not detail the face of her characters, having made associated message to the harmony of tender pink highlights of rising sun.

The collection of carpet items by Annabibi Islamova attracts the attention by the variety of women handbags, dutar cases, large and small sachaks (kind of tablecloth) as well as carpet itself, on which the collection was placed. Each exhibit is distinguished by individual style of the author; the items are short-spoken in colour shades and do not appear parti-coloured with decorative excesses and attract by their stylistic harmony. Owing to such artists as Islamova, the carpet weaving art in our country become younger absorbing modern trends.

Famous Turkmen painter Vera Galliyeva pictured happy moment of large Turkmen family on her canvas. Long-expected boy was born in the family with all daughters. The baby peacefully sleeps in his cot surrounded by sisters, aunties and grandmas and the eyes of numerous family members are shining with happiness. The atmosphere of family idyll is highlighted by rich shades and compositional eclecticism. Every visitor stops at the picture and smiles sharing the joy of the characters.

Daughter of famous Turkmen painter Ayhan Hadjiyev, who left huge trace in Turkmen painting, looks from the self-portrait of Jeren Hajiyeva. The likeness with the image of her famous father is discerned in the features of young woman. The portray sheds calm imperturbable virtue so inherent to the characters of Ayhan Hojayev pictures. The visitors, who knew the artist, are surprised by expressed genetic relations of father and daughter, which is revealed not only in appearance but also in artistic style.

The ceramics is also broadly represented at the exhibition. Three talented artists representing leading directions of ceramic art demonstrated their works. Solmaz Muhammedova again surprised the visitors by her inexhaustible fantasy in making of unusual forms and painting on vessels.

Gulyara Babayeva made nine works. Together with large jars, painted in her own manner, Gulyara presented three ceramic stylized sculptures. The artist managed to see something common in woman and vessel and tried to unite them in her works. Each vessel represents young woman with brightly expressed characters. Gulyara achieved to add a share of humour and charm into female statues and her works started talking to the visitors in joyful non-existent language and left no one indifferent.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper