Exhibition of scientific projects in honour of the main holiday of the country

The Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan hosted a festive exhibition of scientific projects of the Council of Young Scientists of the university, dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the Independence of the country.


The exhibition presented about two dozen design works created by young teachers and students of the institute – members of the university’s Council of Young Scientists (CYS). The exposition included projects in the field of software, electronics, robotics.


Among them is the development of a domestic smartphone, led by a young teacher at the Department of Automation Shirmuhammet Vepayev, a member of the CYS and a graduate of this university. According to the authors, the work on the smartphone was carried out with a focus on convenience and ease of use, the creation of optimal characteristics, which, in general, was achieved. The attention of the developers was also focused on the choice of material for the case. After a number of trials, a durable and biodegradable polylactide was used, which has a wide range of other advantages.


Another development was made by 4th year students of the Faculty of Radio Communication Technologies Dayanch Yazlakov and Sapargeldi Rejepov, who created an innovative solution for representatives of the poultry industry. The developers propose a project for an automated incubator that performs all the functions necessary for production. It is easy to manage them and control the operation of the incubator – just send the necessary command to it using a special application on the tablet.


The project of young scientists, university students Jepbarguly Suhangulyyev (3rd year, Faculty of Telecommunications) and Suhrap Ataniyazov (4th year, Faculty of Radio Communication Technologies) is designed to perform an educational function. So, those who want to understand the structure of a computer, its components, or, for example, conduct a scientific experiment right in the CYS laboratory will be helped by virtual reality glasses. The project was implemented using virtual reality (VR) technology and 3D modeling software. The guests of the exhibition were keenly interested in other scientific developments of the CYS representatives. Among them are a robot alphabet teacher, a keyboard learning program for children, a multifunctional desktop thermometer, a “smart” speedometer for cyclists and much more.


The exhibition reflected the broad target orientation of author’s projects, which, through modern technologies, are designed to create the most favorable conditions in various fields. “Smart” developments can improve and facilitate working conditions, improve the quality of life, ensure its safety, and save time. Along with numerous projects for the automation of enterprises and industrial production, young scientists are actively involved in the development of “smart home” systems that increase the comfort of residents of modern new buildings. Projects of “smart” sockets, switches, temperature and humidity sensors and other controls for “smart homes” also made up the content of the exposition.


The festive exhibition has become a real celebration of science, achievements and innovations of young scientists striving to make their worthy contribution to the development and further prosperity of our independent Motherland. The work of talented representatives of the younger generation is highly appreciated by the state, which comprehensively surrounds them with care and provides all the necessary conditions for successful self-development and fruitful scientific activity.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper