Exhibition of works by national artist of Turkmenistan under way in Ashgabat

An exhibition of works by the national artist, designer, candidate of historical sciences and Director of the State Museum of Turkmenistan, Ovezmuhammed Mammetnurov, opened at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ashgabat. It features about 300 paintings, including landscapes, sketches, still live and portraits.

Ovezmuhammed Mammetnurov is a well-known and widely respected master. He leads an active public life. Over the long years of serving the national fine arts, he has retained a quivering attitude and passion for life, and this does not give him comfort in his work, he is always in creative search.

In his welcoming speech to the visitors of the exhibition at the opening ceremony, Ovezmukhammed Mammetnurov wished his fellow artists to never stop, not to fail the high principles of their profession. After all, art is called upon to shine a light on human hearts.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru