Exhibition of works by the Meredov brothers: painter and sculptor

On both floors of the capital’s Exhibition Centre, an exhibition of works by two brothers, the painter and graphic artist Saparmammet Meredov and the sculptor Artyknazar Meredov, has been launched.


The name of the Honored Art Worker of Turkmenistan Saparmammet Meredov is widely known among artists. For 10 years he was the director of the capital’s Exhibition Centre, for many years he headed the Turkmen State Museum of Fine Arts and was the chairman of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan. His work could be found in almost every museum exhibition. They were distinguished by the special handwriting of the artist and the color scheme.




Saparmammet Meredov exhibited 185 works for this exhibition. Despite the fact that he has long been a city dweller, it is not urban high-rise buildings that come to life on his canvases, but fields, steppe expanses, rural landscapes, village women hurrying with cauldrons to the upcoming toy. That is, not what is before his eyes, but what lives in his soul.


One of his famous paintings is «Bagshy», in which he depicted three brilliant musicians – Garadyali Göklen (in the middle), Shukurbagshy (on the left) and Amangeldi Gonibek (on the right). It always attracts special attention of visitors.




Saparmammet Meredov is a great graphic artist. His graphic portraits are very recognizable; by means of a jumping line, it easily achieves resemblance to the original. Such portraits practically do not need a caption: and so it is clear that this is the comedian Atajan Ashyrov, this is the portrait painter Durdy Bayramov, this is the surrealist Annadurdy Murataliyev.


Artyknazar, the younger brother of Saparmammet Meredov, chose his direction in art – sculpture. Of the 127 works exhibited by him, most of the horses, and this is no accident. 10 years ago, Artyknazar Meredov was awarded 1st place in the nomination of sculpture in the State Competition dedicated to the Ahal-Teke horse. But not only the horse, light as the wind, excites the sculptor. In the sculptural exposition of the exhibition, among a number of interesting works, the round dance of girls, similar to a flower, delights with its beauty. And literally all visitors are captivated by a fragile girl jumping a rope.




Recently, there has been a trend of exhibitions of works from dynasties of artists. This new trend is well received by the audience. In the course of such exhibitions, a kindred influence on the work of artists is felt.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper