Experts from Turkmenistan took part in the meeting of the WHO Regional Office for Europe

Experts in the field of medicine from Turkmenistan took part in the annual meeting of national research teams on the treatment of tuberculosis.

Among the participants of the forum are researchers and specialists from the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of the country, the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis and other clinics.

Within two days, doctors exchanged advanced methods of treating the disease, agreed on further joint work plans for the future.

Ensuring the safe and effective treatment of patients is one of the important goals of the healthcare system and the provision of medical care to the population. The worldwide spread of tuberculosis is a major obstacle to disease control and the achievement of targets set by the World Health Assembly.

In recent years, specialists have paid more attention to the priority use of effective drugs.

In 2018, WHO revised the classification of drugs used in long-term TB treatment regimens.

The current meeting is held within the framework of an international cooperation agreement between the MoH and WHO/Europe for 2002-2023 and implementation of the National Program for Effective Tuberculosis Control in Turkmenistan for 2021-2025.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper