Experts of the Caspian countries have discussed in Avaza questions of sustainable development and management on the Caspian Sea

The international seminar "Caspian Sea � sustainable development and management" is held in the national tourist zone "Avaza" by the International Institute of the Ocean (IIO) with assistance if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the State enterprise for Questions of the Caspian Sea at the president of Turkmenistan.

Experts of a number of the ministries and departments of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan, and also the international experts, scientific consultants of MIO in the field of sea economy, policy, management, marine law, ecology and other disciplines participate in a forum which continue till March 16.

Work of a seminar is aimed at system preparation, training, professional development of the experts who are engaged in the Caspian Sea in spheres of oil and gas sector, hydrometeorology, the marine transport, the border service, Foreign Ministry, fishery, tourism, conservation, etc.

The program of training includes a wide range of the questions connected with economic, social and ecological aspects of development of the states of the Caspian region, and also their cooperation in these spheres.

The subject of a course turns on four modules: "Structure of management of the ocean", "Financial mechanisms of effective management of transboundary water resources", "Instruments of management of our relationship with oceans" and "Management of the Caspian Sea".

Listeners of the seminar get acquainted with basic provisions of the convention of the UN on marine law which has been signed and ratified by about 160 states and the European Union.

Within the seminar such hot topics as "environmental impact assessment", "integrated management of coastal zones", "application of international law at investigation and operation of oil, gas and other resources of the Caspian Sea", "sea spatial planning", "use of the international standards of regulation of navigation on realities of the Caspian Sea", "influence of climate changes on the marine environment", "marine biodiversity", etc. have been discussed.

IIO is non-governmental organization with the status of special advisory body of the UN. The institute interacts with programs and specialized institutions of the UN, including: with the UN Environment Program (UNEP), the UN Development Program (UNDP), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the Intergovernmental oceanographic commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO), International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), etc.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turkmenistan