Export capabilities of Turkey are presented in Ashgabat

Exhibition of export good of the Republic of Turkey, which has been organized by the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan together with Turkish Meridyen Uluslararasi Fuarcilik Company, was opened in the capital.

Being an efficient ground for demonstration of wide range of production made by Turkish partners and for exchange of new development, specialized review is to give new impulse to economic cooperation of two countries and to expand the sphere of business activity.

Delegation of the government structures of Turkey, top managers and specialists of 70 companies who have interest in steadfast development of fruitful cooperation with our country has come to our country to participate in the review.

Multidimensional review in the exhibition centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber presented wide range of Turkish export production including equipment and spare parts for industrial branches and agriculture, construction materials, household appliances and electronics, soft and office furniture, textile, chemicals, perfumes, various food products, household goods.

Attraction of foreign investments to national economy, the strategy of comprehensive modernization and diversification of the economy provide rapid integration of our country to international economic spaces. Close cooperation with foreign business circles, attraction of innovations and investments become key factors of economic development. The Republic of Turkey, which companies presented their products at specialized exhibition, is among trade and economic partners of Turkmenistan. There are producers of electrical equipment like Vatan Kablo A.S., Cagdas Pano, Askomak gida degirmencilik, pipe and pipeline products like Elmas irrigation systems among the participants of the review.

Various technologies for import substitutive production were presented by STK Makina and Pimak Professional Kitchen. Achievements of textile industry was demonstrated by Astas tekstili and Oztas ic Giyim, perfume products by Monty Parfum. Construction material, metal construction and spare parts production sphere were represented by KA Celik Konstruksiyon, Cemina, Dogus Firca and other.

As is known, increment of production of environmentally friendly food products, provision of vitamin production to the citizens of Turkmenistan all year around are priority objectives of the agricultural complex of the country. Construction of hothouse complexes is expanded in all regions of Turkmenistan. In this aspect, the technologies presented by Turkish Sistemsuntek sera, Metas, Erenoglu Muhendislik, Genc Gucsan and other companies raise the interest.

Numerous visitors, representative of contracting companies and profile departments, private business showed keen interest looking around the samples of production and proposals of Turkish producers presented at the exhibiton.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper