Export of Turkmen carbamide is growing

Garabogazcarbamide Plant of the Turkmenhimiya State Concern has become a big exporter of chemical production. Since the beginning of the year, the facility has exported two thirds of produced fertilizers 261,000 tons. Turkmen carbamide is on high demand at the world market of mineral fertilizers. It is bought by agricultural producers from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Spain and other countries.

Fully automated production facility, which was opened September last year, has no analogues in the region. It is equipped with Danish, Italian, Dutch and American technologies. Special loading terminal, to which carbamide is delivered by transporter line allowing simplifying and making the process of sea shipment more cost effective, support fast shipment of the plant production.

Growing interest in production of new chemical facility in the world market as well as logistic advantages provide the increment of volumes of processing of gas in the country as well as diversification of the export of hydrocarbon production.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper