Facilities of the Olympic village are in the Guinness World Record Book

Representatives of the Guinness World Records, which collects the information about the Guinness World Record Book, have registered new places in Ashgabat as the largest facilities by certain parameters. This is attested by the certificates, according to which the image of the horse decorating the stand of the Olympic stadium in the capital is named as the largest architectural symbol of the horse on the planet and the Centre of Water Sports of the Olympic village as the largest indoor swimming pool built using newest technologies and ecologically friendly materials meeting high international standards.

On this occasion, celebration meeting with participation of the members of the Government of Turkmenistan, leaders of number of ministries and departments, mass media, cultural workers, professors, lecturers and students of the universities of the capital and representatives of non-governmental organizations of the country was held in the office of the Executive Committee for preparation of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games on August 21..

The importance of the Games, which are to be started in less than a month in Turkmen capital, was highlighted in the meeting. It was mentioned that the role of this large event covers much wider than field than just sports, its multiple effect is to be reflected on all sides of the life from international cooperation to tourism.

Thorough preparation to Asian Games in Ashgabat, which is always under strict attention of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has a visual architectural embodiment � a unique sports complex, the Olympic village that has no analogues in the Central Asia and beyond its borders, has been built in the capital.

This is related not only to large-scale expansion of super project but also to the level of provision of the sports complex, which includes 30 facilities, its high-tech infrastructure, comfort and unique aesthetic appearance.

Artistic monumental image of the horse, which is the key symbol of Ashgabat Games, is an outstanding peculiar element of this image. Magnificent structure concentrates the entire concept of the Games, strive of Turkmenistan to high targets, peace on the planet and friendship between the nations, creative cooperation for universal prosperity and wellbeing, assertion of the health as a main value of life.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov invariably notes the role of the horse in history of Turkmen nation, formation of national culture and mentality, in the system of moral examples and richest heritage, which were brought through the century on the wings of beautiful horse.

Turkmen horses is our glory and pride, the Head of the State says noting consummate merits of legendary ahalteke breed brought up by numerous generations of the horse breeders. As the result of painstaking selective and pedigree work, constant improvement of the training of the horses, people's genius created a true masterpiece together with the nature.

Stately, slim-legged, with elegant smoothly arched neck, clearly cut looking like reed ears and intelligent expressive eyes ahalteke horse is indeed comparable with the artwork. At the same time, it is capable of great endurance and speed, powerful and energetic, having managed which and literally merged into this, Turkmens received a staunch friend and reliable assistant, loyal associate in combat and work, in everyday working days and holidays.

Where such reverence came from?

The answer is to be looked for in the past, at the origin of Turkmen nation.

Famous archaeologist Victor Sarianidi made a great discovery in his time � he opened Margush country to the world. During the excavation of its monuments, the archaeologists discovered the first in the world ritual grave of the horse. The specialists say it was an ahalteke horse. Everything showed that the horse was buried with all honours as a hero lost in battle. Precious dishware and adornments were found in the grave.

Ahalteke horses were famous already in the old times far beyond its historical birthplace � fertile valley in Kopetdag Mountains foothills, the Ahal, which gave the name to the breed.

The epithet heaven or sky was received by ahalteke horses from the Chinese. People there believed that the Ruler of heavens live on the top of sacred Kunlun Mountain. He had winged horses, which he used to ride along the sky and went down to the earth according to the legend First time when Chinese Emperor saw ahalteke horse he exclaimed that this was heaven horse for the Kunlun Mountain.

Ever since ahalteke horses are also referred to as horses with the wings.

There is another fact that made Turkmen horses famous. Alexander Macedonian had a horse named Bucephalus. Some scientists think that it was ahalteke horse. He used to save the life of his master, the greatest warlord of the past, more than once. When Bucephalus died, Alexander arranged him burial ceremony as to the true hero.

In the ancient period, our ancestor, the Parthians, had a famous cavalry from ahalteke horses. Smith masters made the armoury not only for the horse riders of heavy cavalry, who were referred to as cataphracts, but for the horses as well.

Heavily armoured cavalry bravely fought against the enemy. The battle against Roman General Marcus Crassus is among the legendary combats. The one, who quelled the Spartacus slave revolt, has led his troops to the capital of the Parthian State. At that time, the Parthians completely defeated the enemy.

In the ancient time, our ancestors developed the science for training horses that spread around number of countries as a basic system of combat horse training. Ahalteke horse pranced protecting the rider from enemy arrows and if wounded master fell on the ground, the horse was protecting him biting and savaging enemy soldiers. After he laid down so the master could catch on the saddle and took him away from the battlefield.

During the World War II, Turkmen cavalrymen was showing heroic feats ridding their famous horses for what they were awarded with not only orders and medals but with the Hero Stars of the Soviet Union. When in 1945, long-awaited Victory Parade took place on the Red Square in Moscow, Marshal G. K. Jukov received it sitting on beautiful white ahalteke horse. There was another parade in honour of the Great Victory in Moscow after 65 years. Turkmen delegation including war veterans and young military officers participated in celebration events. Our column was led by the horseman riding white stallion � the descendant of that ahalteke horse which G. K Jukov used to ride during that historical Victory Parade before.

It is generally known that ahalteke horses made their contribution in formation of other famous breeds like English, Arabic horse and Russian Orlov trotter.

National Emblem of Turkmenistan bears the image of Yanardag stallion, the champion of the breed what vividly indicates the status of the horse in history and life of our people. At present, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov carries out large-scale work for revival of previous glory of ahalteke horses and their broad popularization in the world.

Hence, it is logically that giant silhouette of ahalteke horse, the symbol of national history and embodiment of our heritage and creative energy of the present will rise above the participants of grandiose events and competitions of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

According to the measurements made on March 6, 2017 for registration of the sizes before entering into the Guinness Record Book, the height of the monument is 40.05 meters (131 feet and 4.9 inches), the length is 37.69 meters (123 feet and 7.9 inches) and the width is 40-24 meters (132 feet and 0.6 inches).

The torch bowl for the flare of the Asian Games rises together with the horse monument. By the initiative of leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is made in the shape of bunch of yuzarlyk grass � the traditional Turkmen amulet. The functions of the amulet and the talisman of success and protection are also performed by alaja, which decorate the bowl and the neck of the horse. It was an idea of the Head of the State, the same like the idea of lighting up the torch during the opening ceremony of the Games, to introduce this element into composition.

The idea is to have white cloud of smoke to be raised before the flare will lit up � this is exactly the ritual with burning of the bunch of yuzarlyk herbal grass that Turkmens make cleaning the space around form all negative and bad and attracting all the best.

The second certificate was awarded to the Centre of Water Sports of Ashgabat Olympic village, which was entered into the Guinness World Records Book as the biggest indoor swimming pool built based on modern technologies from ecologically friendly materials meeting high requirements of international standards.

This water complex is able to accommodate 5 000 visitors who can watch swimming and water jumping competitions. It has four swimming pools of different sizes designed for the competitions and trainings of the sportsmen. According to the measurements made by the representatives of the Records Book on April 26, 2017, total area of the swimming pools is 4 976.65 square meters (53 568 square feet).

There are proper conditions for the spectators on the stands. New water complex includes sports therapy ground, gym, comfortable lockers and recreation rooms for the sportsmen, first aid station. Besides, the project stipulates the restaurant, cafe and several catering outlets.

Undoubtedly, this facility will give strong impulse to further development of water sports in our country and attraction of greater amount of young Turkmen citizens to the sports, training of high-class masters who will compete for the sport honour of the Motherland at international tournaments.

The leader of the Nation pays more attention to the readiness of the capital and the Olympic village to this largest event personally inspecting its facilities with the approach of V Asian Games. This indicates again high status of the events, which success will allow our country entering the number of sports powers of the planet and after some time, will be able to compete for conduct of the Olympic Games.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper