FAO experts expect a decline in wheat yields in CA countries due to drought

Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) expect a 10% reduction in the total wheat crop in Central Asia due to unfavorable weather conditions, in particular, drought in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Meteozhurnal reports .

FAO economist Elena Conte noted that wheat production in Uzbekistan in 2021-2022 could decrease to 5.4 million tons, with an average of 6.1 million over the past five years. Grain imports are expected to rise to 3.86 million amid a shrinking harvest, compared to an average purchase volume of 3.18 million tonnes over the past five years.

The problem of shortage of precipitation and drought also affected Kazakhstan, the largest grain producer in the region. The harvest can be reduced by up to 20%.

Data for Turkmenistan are not provided, but at the end of last year and during this year, the country also experienced severe drought and water shortages for irrigating fields.

At the same time, the official authorities of Turkmenistan announced that the established plan to harvest 1.4 million tons of wheat was exceeded.

As correspondents of the Chronicle of Turkmenistan reported yesterday, there is no domestic flour in the shops.

According to Radio Azatlyk , residents of Ashgabat were notified that they would no longer sell flour at subsidized prices, as its stocks ran out.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan