Female residents of Mary call for the governor to address the problem with the groceries supply

In the morning of about 30 female residents of Mary velayat congregated in front of the regional khyakimlik’s office (administration). The guards asked them to disperse but the women shouted that they would not leave the city hall unless they communicate their requests to the khyakim.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that the khyakim and his two deputies were forced to appear in public. The head of the regional office of the Interior Ministry also join the officials in the city hall.

The women complained that there is no flour and vegetable oil at state-run retail outlets. They said that the price for a sack of flour at the local market has already skyrocketed to 500 manats. They complained that their relatives residing in the neighbouring villages of the velayat are facing a much worse situation and that the residents of the province will be starving soon.

– If the problem is not resolved anytime soon, we will come here with our families and you will have to feed us, – the participants of the rally shouted.

The women dispersed after the khyakim had promised to tackle the problem within 3 days. According to Radio “Azatlyk”, which also made a coverage of the spontaneous rally, reported that 2 kilos of flour were handed out to each rally participant.

“Chronicles of Turkmenistan” learned that President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov had previously ordered to carry out a comprehensive inspection in Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Agriculture to investigate the falsified reporting during the wheat and cotton harvesting campaigns. As viewed by the head of state, this caused problems with the supply of flour and vegetable oil.

Over the past few years Turkmenistan has been experiencing a shortage of essential groceries. The situation is especially acute in the provinces, which occasionally see the reduction in the rationing of flour and bread sold to residents at state prices.

At the Cabinet session held on 3 April 2020 the President was quoted as saying that ensuring stable operations of the retail sector is one of the key objectives. In this connection the head of state instructed that “sufficient stock of essential goods, including groceries” needs to be set up. Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan