First shipment of Garlyk ore dressing and processing complex takes place

The supply of potassium fertilizers is to be made by road and railway transport.

New industrial complex includes more than 100 facilities. There are two vertical ore mining wells of 364 and 308 meters depth and 6.6 meters in diameter. The first well is designed for delivery of the ore to the surface as well as for the air supply to the mine. Produced ore is delivered by self-propelled rail trucks to conveyor belt and goes to 30-tons lifter via the bunkers. On the surface, the ore is transported to the crushers. The second well is designed for transportation of personnel and cargoes.

There are borehole facility and ore producing complex, 5 m height cargo and transport tunnels providing transportation of the workers and equipment in salt layer of the mine. All equipment is already operating underground. Opening of potassium bearing layers and excavation of raw material have been started on the first productive horizon. The productive strata of potassium salt lay at 200 to 1000 meters depth.

Taking into account the specifics of mountain and geographical conditions of Garlyk deposit, progressive chamber system of production and fully mechanized combined method of excavation of productive layers is designed there. More than 7 million tons of ore necessary for planned volume of production, which is 1.4 million tons of potassium fertilizers, will be excavated from the mines to surface production complex per annum.

It is planned to increase the production output of potassium plant up to 4 million tons per annum of the fertilizers, which are highly demanded in the world's market. Colossal deposits of potassium salts in Garlyk field exceeding more than 2 billion tons will provide stable work of the complex for many decades.

Large floatation factory was built for ore dressing. The ore is grinded at the mills and after mixing with water and chemical agents is delivered to floatation installations. After, it goes to concentration and separation section. The additives are extracted from received bulk and the pulp with potassium chloride goes via filtration section, where it is being dehydrated. To drying and granulation section. After, it goes to the export warehouse.

Strong infrastructure of energy, water and gas supply is used for the work of Garlyk ore dressing and processing complex, huge network of modern engineering and transport communications cover the territory of the complex. All conditions for high productive work, rest and life of the personnel of the facility are established.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper