Fisheries of Turkmenistan increase production

To date, there are several fish hatcheries and enterprises engaged in the cultivation of different types of fish in Turkmenistan. Among them are the production complex of Khazar Balyk OJSC, as well as fish farms privatized by members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs - Ahalbalyk, Balkanbalyk, Dasoguzbalyk, Lebapbalyk, Marybalyk, which are regularly supplied to retail outlets in our country fresh quality fish.

In an effort to expand the range and production of fish products, entrepreneur Bahramjan Reyimov, who lives in the Farab etrap of the Lebap velayat, started breeding African marbled catfish. During the two years of its activity, the fish farmer managed to increase the number of farmed fish. During this period, up to two tons of catfish are grown in the indoor pools of his aqua farm.

African marble or clariid catfish is found in the freshwater basins of the Mediterranean Sea and in almost all natural reservoirs of the African continent. This unusual fish does not have scales, and its meat, which is a delicacy product, does not have a characteristic fishy smell. For 5-6 months, the fry turn into marketable fish weighing up to one and a half kilograms.

The Turkmen fish farmer plans to put into operation several more open pools for more productive breeding of fish. In the future, having increased his own production, the entrepreneur expects to export African marble catfish to foreign markets.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper