Five kindergartens for 800 children were opened at the same time in Parahat-7, a new district of Ashgabat

cToday in the new district of Ashgabat, a large populated area Parahat-7 five kindergartens for 160 children each were opened at once. This morning here it was extraordinary briskly and cheerfully, numerous residents of the area which is actively steeled, first of all, young parents with children came to the ceremony.

For participants of the celebration national dishes were prepared and all was treated to Turkmen festive delicacy of that-pishme. And as a sign of the opening of well-equipped preschool educational institutions, huge armfuls of multi-coloured balloons were released into the sky to huge pleasure of kids.

These social objects were built to the order of Ashgabat khyakimlik by local building companies. Participants of the event got an opportunity to inspect the conditions created here for education, training and rest of children, to see computer, language, logopedic, mathematics classrooms, a gym and others. Young talents � young singers, musicians and dancers performed before the gathered. By tradition the best builders who were handed gifts on behalf of the head of the state, were also honoured.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper