Flight personnel of Turkmenhowayollary Service inmproves qualification at training centre of new airport complex of the capital

The plane is moving swiftly along taxiway. One can hear the sounds of wheels on the slab joints and rain and see the thunder light through the cockpit. The airplane taxis off to the runway and starts take-off run. The runway is left below and contours of the city are seen in cloud breaks.

This take-off and further flight were imitated at pilot flight simulator of Boeing � 737 NG by Captain Azat Nepesov and co-pilot Serdar Bayramgeldiyev. They were the first among Turkmen pilots who had a training under conditions close to real scenario in training simulator centre of Turkmenhowayollary Service.

The system of the last generation simulator allows the crew practicing all elements of the flight just for few hours starting from the take-off, both visually and by instruments, as well as preparation for landing at unknown airport. Besides, qualification of engineering and technical personnel can be improved at the simulator as well. It is serviced by domestic specialists who had training in Canadian manufacturing company SAE.

Modern Simulation Centre of Turkmenhowayollary Service was established and provided by last generation equipment during construction of new airport complex in Ashgabat, which structure includes Aviation Personnel School and Training Centre where along with Boeing � 737 simulator, the Diamond training airplane flight simulator is installed for training of flight technique to the student of pilot faculty of Aviation Personnel School. Three-store building of the centre accommodates class rooms provided with multimedia equipment and specialized library.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper