Flour ration in Turkmenistan’s provinces delayed for a month

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that the inhabitants of the Turkmen region are again experiencing problems purchasing flour in state-run stores.

The residents of Bairamali, Garagum, Yoloten, Sakar-chege and Mugrab etraps in Mary velayats managed to buy their March flour quotas only in mid April. According to shop assistants, the April quotas will be sold no earlier than

June, when the new grain harvest is launched.

The quota for local flour in the region amounts to 5 kilos per person a month and costs 1 manat a kilo. Last year a maximum of 6 kilos per customer applied in the stores. According to local residents, if a family has small children this quantity is not sufficient, and if there are teenagers in the household the family has to stock up on additional flour from the markets and privately-owned retailed outlets.

Prices for flour in bazaars and privately-owned stores have increased considerably. In January or February a 50-kilo sack of flour was sold at 100-150 manats, but the current minimum price starts from 210 manats.

It is quite complicated to purchase bread in state-run shops. Queues are still being formed in front of the stores with people waiting for the arrival of groceries. At least two casualties in the queues have been reported. On 27 March in the city of Bairamali an elderly man aged 65-70 died in the queue for bread. The second tragic incident occurred in April.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan