Following criticism by the President, Turkmen construction workers are searching for consultants to build a highway to Turkmenabad

On 15 October the newspaper Neitralny Turkmenistan published an announcement on holding a tender to render counseling services in designing, construction and operations of Ashgabat-Turkmenabad motorway.

At the Cabinet session held on 12 October to sum up 9 months of 2018, President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov criticized the performance of the government for low pace and poor quality of construction works to build high-speed motorways.

Let us recall that in March 2018 Turkmenistan's Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs was provided with a $2,4 billion loan to build the Ashgabat-Turkmenabad motorway.

It was reported in September that Turkmenistan's Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs seeks additional investments for the highway construction.

The motorway is expected to be toll-based.

The authorities of Turkmenistan made a decision to build high-speed motorways using the country's own resources after the Turkey-based Polimex halted the installation of the motorway to Turkmenbashi because of the dispute with the authorities.

Chronicles of Turkmenistan managed to find out that in February 2018 the Turkmen authorities proposed Polimex CEO Erol Taban?a to build the motorway at their own expense and cover the expenditures from the revenue the motorway would generate in the future. Taban?a turned down the proposal and hastily left Turkmenistan.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan