For rational use

Four four-story houses, designed for a total of 80 apartments, are being built in the city of Dashoguz by the “Derkar” Economic Society. New buildings adjacent to each other are located in the city centre, at the intersection of S. Turkmenbashy Avenue with Alp Arslan Street.

At present, external and internal finishing works are being carried out in three of them, and in the fourth, the laying of walls continues. In apartments with improved layout, rooms are spacious and have high ceilings. So, the total area of the largest of them reaches more than 229 square meters, the height of the ceiling is three meters 30 centimeters. The apartments are equipped with balconies, they built additional premises for various purposes. The lower floors of the houses will be allocated for retail space, which will improve the provision of this urban area with them. The houses organically merged into the architectural ensemble of residential and departmental buildings located here.

In urban planning activities in Dashoguz, more and more attention is paid to the rational use of land and natural resources, as well as the existing network of various engineering and technical communications. Now there is an active development of empty or freed from old buildings areas, including in the central part of the city, with new residential buildings or private commercial establishments. According to experts, this will create favorable conditions for the population to live and contribute to the further development of social infrastructure, the formation of a new modern architectural image of the administrative centre of the region. It should be noted that a large role in these activities is assigned to enterprises of the non-state sector of the economy. It is through the efforts of private teams in the north of the country that most of the construction work of a different nature is now being carried out.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper