For the comfort of the urban environment

In accordance with the modern requirements of urban planning, work continues in Dashoguz to improve the living conditions of the population. One of the important directions in this work is the comprehensive improvement of the urban area and the creation of a comfortable urban environment. As a result of consistently carried out activities, a new place for active recreation for children and adults has now appeared along Alp Arslan Street. Here, in a green area, a new children’s playground has been built for residents of nearby apartment buildings and outdoor sports equipment has been installed, providing citizens of various ages with the opportunity to regularly exercise in the fresh air.


It should be noted that in recent years, in matters of development and arrangement of the territory of the administrative center of the northern region, special attention has been paid to the creation of a developed social infrastructure, including the presence of facilities intended for active and useful recreation for children and adults. Modern and safe children’s playgrounds or sports grounds provide all new residential areas built here in recent years. In addition, similar facilities are being consistently built in various urban areas of old buildings. In addition to the practical benefits brought by adherents of a healthy lifestyle, they are an example of well-thought-out urban development, including the efficient use of vacant territory, and serve as an important element of the aesthetic appearance of the city.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper