Foreigners are asked to walk less at night

Employees of the Main Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan carried out preventive measures among foreign students. Press service of the ministry reported.

Students studying at the International Medical University were explained the requirements of the law, the rules of stay in the country and responsibility for offenses, and were also recommended to observe the accepted norms of behavior in public places.

Particular attention was paid to the safety of foreign students. Police officers noted that modern Kyrgyzstan is a hospitable and tolerant country, however, as in any society, there are people with antisocial views who are prone to committing criminal acts.

It is noted that most crimes against foreign citizens are committed at night. Many foreigners prefer to walk around the city at night. In this regard, police officers urged students to try not to go out at night.

In November 2022, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs already carried out similar preventive measures among foreign students studying at universities after a mass brawl broke out between foreign students, citizens of Pakistan, on November 10 in Bishkek. The participants of the conflict were detained by the police.

Source: News Agency