Fosters of DAlwletliler kAl?gi received bicycles as a gift on behalf of the Head of the State

Today, members of the Government, heads of public organization as well as directors of universities paid visit to DAlwletliler kAlsgi of the capital, which is located in picturesque foothill of the Kopetdag, to give excellent presents � the bicycles to the fosters on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan.

Enthusiastic mood and celebration atmosphere reigned in DAlwletliler kAlsgi from the morning. The guests were welcomed by children, who have all conditions for successful study and mastering of modern knowledge as well as for substantial rest, interesting and useful leisure including art classes and sport exercises.

Having expressed gratitude to the President for fatherly care and attention from the depth of their hearts, the children wished strong health for long years and new outstanding success for the sake of the Motherland to the President.

After, they were presented with bicycles, which has become an unforgettable event for them, in the ceremonial atmosphere. After joint photographing, the children tried the bicycles, having made a round along the territory of the camp, and expressed deep gratitude to the Head of the State again.

Celebration, which was organized on occasion of remarkable event, was continued by mass cycling race where the kids were joined by sportsmen and students as well as the heads of profile ministries, public organizations and universities of the capital.

Having started at DAlwletliler kAlsgi, the route of this race run along big streets of the capital � Archabyl and Neutral Turkmenistan Avenues. Art collectives greeted numerous participants of sport action with bright performance along the route.

After the race, the celebration was continued in DAlwletliler kAlsg, which fosters demonstrated inflaming song and dance compositions as well as sport skills.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper