Four convicted followers of the Islamic teachings of Nursi transferred from Ovadan-Depe prison to a labor camp

Four followers of the Turkish Muslim theologian Said Nursi , who were sentenced to 12 years in Turkmenistan in 2017, were transferred from the notorious colony in Ovadan-Depe to the MR-E / 16 strict regime forced labor camp in Bayramali, Mary province, Forum-18 reports . “.


In 2017, five Muslims who studied the teachings of the Islamic thinker Said Nursi were arrested in Turkmenistan, including:


  • Jumanazar Khodjambetov (born 1981), unemployed, living in Kunyaurgench and Balkanabat;


  • Begedzhik Begedzhikov (born 1963) is an unemployed father of four children who lived in Balkanabat;


  • Akhmet Mammetdurdyev (born 1978), father of two, worked as a security guard for an oil company and lived in Balkanabat;


  • Meret Ovezov (born 1960) is an unemployed father of four children who lived in the village of Gokje, Mary velayat;


  • Myratdurdy Shamyradov (born 1973) is an entrepreneur based in the Mary velayat.


All of them were convicted under articles 177 and 275 of the Criminal Code of Turkmenistan for creating an extremist organization, as well as creating and financing a criminal community.


Despite the verdict that the five men were to serve their sentences in a high-security labor camp, four of the five men – Shamyradov, Ovezov, Mammetdurdyev and Begedzhikov – were transferred to the much harsher Ovadan-Depe prison.


In Ovadan Depe, prisoners are known to be tortured and some die from ill-treatment and lack of medical care. Often the relatives of prisoners are not informed about their condition and even about whether they are alive or not.


The fifth convict, Jumanazar Khodjambetov, who was previously alleged to have been an official or police officer, was sent to serve his sentence in a special labor camp for former law enforcement officers BL-K/4. It is located in Akdash, near the city of Turkmenbashi in the Balkan province. Now he is in labor camp BL-E/6 in Balkan province.


In 2013, more than 60 people were arrested in and around the city of Turkmenabat for being members of a Muslim religious group led by Bahram Saparov (born 1982). He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


Most of them are kept in Ovadan-Depe.




Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan