Fulfilments of the obligations of the country on climate change issues are reviewed at international seminar

The meeting was organized by the State Committee for Natural Protection and land Recourses with the assistance of the UNDP in Turkmenistan. Specialist of national profile departments as well as the UNDP Advisor Daniela Carrington and International Consultant of climate change issues Robert Pasisco took part in the seminar.

The currency of Paris Agreement on Climate adopted on December 12, 2015 was mentioned under realization of the sustainable development goals.

National strategy of Turkmenistan on climate change defines specific measures and goals for reduction of greenhouse gas emission. Its implementation promotes staged transfer to international standards of ecological security. Having demonstrated an active position in environmental cooperation, Turkmenistan made number of concrete proposals. They were uttered by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at different summits and conferences. Ratification of Paris Agreement by Turkmenistan indicates the adherence of the country to international ecological treaties and to systematic approach to environmental policy.

The participants of the seminar discussed the issues of carbon emission to the atmosphere and opportunities for the reduction of it. Realization of the Provisions of Paris Agreement was also reviewed. National Coordinator of the UNDP project on climate change mentioned the willingness of our country to finance all the activity in this sphere on its own. Execution plan of national obligations will be published in the UN Global register where the UN Members can leave their comments.

Deputy Permanent Representative of the UNDP in Turkmenistan Vitaly Vremsih noted that the UNDP and the Government of Turkmenistan successfully cooperate in counteracting of climate change for many years, particularly, in development of national strategy on climate change. At present moment, new joint projects, aimed at development of sustainable cities and green economy, are under development. The Government and branch departments render comprehensive support to the UNDP and the organization hopes for productive cooperation in realization of Paris Agreement. The UNDP welcomes Turkmenistan initiative on establishment of the Regional Centre on climate change for the Central Asia in Ashgabat.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper