Galla Bayramy is a holiday of bread and farmers

Galla Bayramy, a holiday based on primordial traditions of reverence of bread as a symbol of prosperity, is traditionally observed on the third Sunday of July in Turkmenistan.

Agrarian sector has an important role on economic strategy. The State provides comprehensive support to the workers of the branch, which is expressed by large investments used for technical rearmament and modernization of entire production infrastructure of agricultural complex, development of chemical industry that provides the farmers with mineral fertilizers.

Modern tractors, harvest combines, sowing machines, sprinklers and other machinery and equipment is systematically procured for the needs of agricultural complex. Concrete measures are undertaken for improvement of water supply and land reclamation, increase of land fertility, development of new virgin territories, introduction of advanced agricultural technologies, development of selection, seeding and pedigree stock-breeding.

Facilities and equipment bas of agro-processing sector is steadily consolidated. New large bakeries built in all velayats can be brought as an example. They are equipped with modern elevators, mills, wheat seeds selection workshops. This is a conspicuous evidence of successful solution of the objectives of provision of local consumer market with bread of domestic production. Our country started exporting grain as well what is extremely important form steadfast government development point of view.

Solving the issues of engineering and technical provision of agricultural complex on innovative basis, purchasing advanced equipment with improved functional features, the State makes the conditions for stable growth of the production volume of agricultural products including by provision of all field works in optimum agricultural timeline on high level. The production and professional qualification of the farmers are growing, the conditions of their work are improved what also serves as an important factor of the improvement of efficiency and profitability of agriculture.

On occasion of Galla Bayramy, the capital and all regions of the country hold celebration events, performances of folk and dance bands.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH