Gastronomic preferences of the peoples of European countries

As part of the European Culture Week in Turkmenistan, the Berkarar shopping and entertainment center hosted a tasting of dishes of the national cuisine of Latvia, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Germany, France, Romania and Italy.




Chefs and employees of embassies accredited in Turkmenistan, as well as masters of local businesses specializing in the production of food according to the recipes of a particular country, took part in the preparation of the dishes.


Ashgabat residents reacted with great interest to the tasting campaign. It is characteristic that among the visitors there were people of all ages – from babies in strollers to pensioners. In the eyes of tasters – curiosity and pleasure.




Tasting and appreciating the dish of the national cuisine of another country means getting a little closer to the people who prefer this food.


Entrepreneur Shasenem Garlyeva from Yaltarsin presented pastries from two countries – France and Italy. From the products of these countries and according to their classic recipes, Neapolitan and Roman pizza, chocolate croissants, pasta – sweet macaroons and other delicacies were prepared.


The distribution of Polish dumplings, German potato pancakes, Romanian meatballs in grape leaves, Latvian cold soup – beetroot soup was briskly distributed … Strawberries in Belgian chocolate were in special demand, they were second only to Italian ice cream in demand. Despite the well-coordinated work of two specialists from the Balgaimak Company, the queue for ice cream did not decrease, so it was not possible to talk with young people. We managed to find out only one feature of the recipe – the ice cream is made with whole, not reconstituted milk.




Nearby stood a group of young guys. When asked what educational institution they were from, the guys answered that they met only yesterday at the Academy of Arts at a master class in porcelain painting, which was conducted by an artist from Latvia, Ilona RomulÄ—. They came to the tasting together with Ilona. So the European Culture Week brings together not only people from different countries, but also helps to bring people closer together within the same city.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper