Geotechnical works will be carried out under the “Ashgabat City”. Earlier it was reported that it is being built on high groundwater

On December 25, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper published two announcements about the holding of international tenders by the Ministry of Construction and Architecture for Ashgabat City.

The first is to attract consulting companies with extensive experience to implement a high-tech digitalization system in the construction of the Ashgabat City residential complex.

Applications are accepted until February 9.

The second is to attract specialized companies with extensive experience to carry out complex engineering and geological exploration work on the designated area for the Ashgabat City residential complex.

Applications are also accepted until February 9th.

On May 25, on the day of celebration of the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov laid the foundation of the "Ashgabat City" residential complex. After that, the construction of the complex was not reported.

In July, Radio Azatlyk, citing its own sources, reported that the area has a high level of groundwater, which could become a big problem in the construction of high-rise buildings.

“The fact that the territories north of the Karakum Canal are in the flooding zone is a well-known fact. There, the depth of groundwater in some places is less than a meter. You don't have to dig ditches to find out. Even the airport, built from the southern part of the canal, where the canal creates a kind of curtain from groundwater flowing down from the mountains, can function only with round-the-clock pumping of groundwater. And to the north of the canal, the situation is even more serious. From the very beginning I did not understand why they decided to build it there. This speaks of the complete ignorance of the officials who made such a decision, ”a hydrogeologist from Turkmenistan told Azatlyk.

Ashgabat City is a grandiose project of the President, which will be a business center in the north of the capital. Its layout was presented to Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in June 2019. The complex will occupy an area of 744 hectares, on which more than 200 buildings will be built, 180 of which will be residential buildings from 12 to 35 floors. The district, where there will be four secondary schools and the same number of kindergartens, is designed to accommodate more than 107 thousand people. It was reported that Ashgabat City “is intended to turn the northern part of the capital into a new economic center with employment and business opportunities for residents and investors, to provide an environment for the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, and, taking into account the projected increase in Ashgabat's population, to become the basis for expanding the city’s territory. ".

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan