Global Money Week kicks off in Kyrgyzstan

Global Money Week campaign will take place in Kyrgyzstan from March 15 to March 25. The National Bank reported.

The official theme of Global Money Week 2023 is «Plan your money, plant your future». Within its framework, the National Bank, government agencies, public and international organizations, commercial banks and microfinance organizations will conduct financial literacy lessons in schools, as well as guest lectures and trainings in universities.

In addition, excursions, open days in commercial banks, national competitions of children’s drawings, crafts, videos and other various events on social media with the hashtag #GMW2023kg are planned.

Financial literacy game «Topto» also starts on March 15, which was developed by the National Bank in cooperation with the German Sparkassenstiftung. It is designed for school children and adults. The main goal is to acquire skills in managing personal and family budgets. Anyone can take part in the game by clicking the link.

Global Money Week is an annual large-scale campaign held in more than a hundred countries around the world to improve the financial literacy of children and youth.

Source: News Agency