Gov’t Issues 36-Hour Ban on Movement of Poultry, Related Personnel

In the wake of outbreaks of avian influenza(AI) at two farms on Thursday, the government imposed a ban on the movement of poultry and related products and personnel to prevent the virus from spreading.

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs said the 36-hour ban is an initial quarantine measure after birds at two farms � one in North Chungcheong and another in South Jeolla � tested positive for H5N6, a highly pathogenic strain of AI.

The ministry said the ban applies to areas including Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, the cities of Incheon, Daejeon and Gwangju, the administrative city of Sejong as well as the Chungcheong and Jeolla provinces. Sterilization and quarantine measures will further be stepped up in areas where the ban is in effect.

The ministry will also prohibit the distribution of living poultry products at traditional markets and outdoor restaurants until the ban is lifted.

Also from next week, chicken and duck farms in the Jeolla provinces and poultry farm clusters located near migratory bird sanctuaries, will be tested for bird flu.

Source : KBS World Radio