Gov’t Refutes China’s Dissatisfaction over Coast Guard Fishing Crackdown

The government has refuted China's claim that the South Korean Coast Guard violently enforced the law by firing a machine gun at Chinese vessels caught illegally fishing earlier this week.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Cho June-hyuck stressed during a news briefing on Thursday that Seoul cannot accept China raising issue with the way the Korean Coast Guard handled the latest matter.

Cho stressed that the cause of the South's law enforcement lies in the Chinese ships' illegal fishing activities and the fishermen's organized, violent and intentional provocations against Seoul's crackdown efforts.

He then emphasized that the Chinese government should take effective steps to root out illegal fishing by Chinese ships and their violent resistance against crackdowns.

Earlier on Tuesday, the South Korean Coast Guard fired between 600 and 700 rounds from an M60 machine gun at Chinese boats illegally fishing at waters some 90 kilometers southwest of Socheong Island off the western coast.

In Beijing, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying expressed "strong dissatisfaction" over the latest incident. She said China urges South Korean authorities to "avoid using any excessive or extreme tools in their law enforcement activities."

Source: KBS World Radio