Gov’t Urges Japan to Thoroughly Explain Forced Labor at Industrial Sites

Ambassador for Public Diplomacy Cho Hyun-dong urged Japan to keep its promise to provide accurate descriptions of history when explaining its 19th-century Japanese industrial sites included on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

In a speech at an international conference in Seoul organized by the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, Cho said that it is the duty of concerned parties to thoroughly explain to people around the world the history of heritages.

During the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee in Bonn, Germany in July last year, UNESCO added 19th-century Japanese industrial sites to its World Heritage list. Japan promised to recognize the use of forced labor at seven sites where Koreans were forced to work and take measures to honor the victims.

The Japanese government must submit a progress report by December first of next year on its efforts to carry out the promise to the UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Source: KBS World Radio