Grain growers of Balkan and Dashoguz Velayat increase the rates of the mowing

Having started the mowing of the harvest later taking into account specific local climate conditions, the grain growers of Balkan and Dashoguz Velayats try to increase the rates of works by proper organization of this responsible campaign.

For example, the first thousands tons of food wheat were delivered to the reception facilities and elevators of Balkan Velayat. They have managed to achieve high mowing rate in Serdar and Bereket etraps for few days.

The farmers of the western region plan to produce 120 thousand tons of grain from 57 thousand hectares of fields under winter crops. It is necessary to complete the mowing without any failures and delays in work, which will require maximum efforts from the grain growers, coordination and rapid operation of all services involved in campaign.

Quality of the grain is tested in the laboratories of the State Service Turkmenstandartlary using the most modern equipment. Branches of the State Commercial Dayhan Bank provide timely settlement of the payments with the farmers for delivered grain. The field personnel and other participants of the campaign are taken care of from the first days of the campaign - cultural recreation was organized for them in the field camps.

Big fleet of grain harvest equipment 0 363 harvesters from the world famous brands like John Deere and TUCANO 430 (CLAAS), 2,050 units of transport vehicles is involved in in the campaign in Dashoguz Velayat. Special teams equipped with necessary tools and spare parts were made for 24/7 service of the vehicles, timely supply of fuel and lubricants.

17 thousand tons of grain have been thrashed for the first three days. Farmers of Gubdag and Gyorogly etraps carry out the mowing at very high rates, they picked up the grains form most of the fields. Many farmers, such as B. Myradov and O. Nurgeldiyev from Magtumguly farming association, has successfully fulfilled their contractual terms , having produced 5,900 and 4,700 kg of the wheat from each hectare.

The northern region is one of the largest bread baskets of the wheat of the country. This year, 157 thousand hectares have been sown with high productive breeds of the wheat, mainly with Sahrayi, Juvan and Bat'ko. It is planned to deliver 300 thousand tons of the wheat to the stocks of the Motherland. S. Turkmenbashy etrap, which wheat fields exceeds 30 thousand hectares, is the biggest producer of this crop in the velayat. It is planned to deliver more than 56 thousand tons of the grain form these fields.

Dashoguz Velayat has ramified network of specialized agricultural facilities including entire cycle of works like sowing, mowing, storage and processing of the grain including 29 reception facilities, 3 mill facilities and 7grain elevators, which main part is able to receive 50 thousand tons of grain simultaneously for storage and processing. At the same time, new elevators have necessary equipment for reparation of seeding materials making reliable base for future yields.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper