Grain producers of Dashoguz and Balkan Velayat start reaping of winter crops

The wheat harvest campaign is growing in Turkmenistan. Following grain producers of Ahal, Lebap and Mary velayats who started grain harvest campaign on June 5 according to natural and climate conditions of these regions, farmers of Dashoguz and Balkan Velayat has started reaping of winter crops on June 12.

The wheat fields of Dashoguz Velayat includes 145,000 hectares, from which the farmers plan to produce 265,000 tons of grain. Local grain producers have given preference to high productive species of wheat, which have recommended themselves very well in soil and climate conditions of the region.

449 grain harvesters, mainly John Deere (USA) and CLAAS (Germany), are used in 2020 harvest. The crews are made of experienced machine operators. Many of them had qualification improvement training.

117 mobile service and maintenance team will provide service to the grain producers suppling with necessary things like fuel, lubricants and spare parts for equipment.

Safety and fire prevention briefings have been given to machine operators, drivers and other personnel participating in the harvest campaign. Proper living conditions have been made for them in the field camps. Performance of cultural personnel, work of mobile shopping outlets will be organized.

Delivery of wheat to reception facilities will be provided by 2,245 trucks. Laboratories of the General State Service T├╝rkmenstandartlary, which specialists will check the quality of grain from the fields using latest equipment, are in full readiness.

Regarding the grain producers of Balkan Velayat, their state order is 80,000 tons of grain. 50,000 hectares, mainly the agricultural fields of farming associations of Serdar and Bereket etraps, are allocated for winter crops in the western region. Many things have been done in order to grow full yield of wheat in the aspect of fulfilment, strict compliance of agricultural standards and activities for care of winter crops. 900 cargo trucks will provide transportation of grain to reception facilities.

Necessary preparation work has been carried out for efficient use of each day of the harvest campaign in the region. Dozens of grain harvesters have entered the fields. Network of maintenance and service bases, sufficiently provided with vehicles, spare parts and lubricants, has been expanded for provision of uninterrupted work of equipment.




Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH

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